Sunday, 19 July 2009

One week to go!

For one reason and another I didn't feel like doing anything on Friday, so gave the gym a miss. Last night though (Saturday) I was back in there!

I forgot to say that after about Thursday's session, another reason I stopped was that my hip flexors, the ones down the front where my legs join my body, were really very sore. They're fine now, I think they were just in shock!

I decided just to do the bike last night, I'm not sure weights is a good idea on a moving vessel...I'm also a bit lazy and like to just sit and pedal. I took a magazine with me to read because otherwise it's rather boring in there. I didn't find it that easy, I prefer music. Lesson learned :)

To begin with, I was in pain. Only a little, but something about the saddle snagged or pressed on my sciatic nerve so I just kept going to see if it got better or worse. I fidgeted around and it got better. It's actually a very comfy saddle indeed, wide and squishy like my backside so it fits nicely! The itching returned, just on one hand. I wonder if it's just lack of exposure to fresh air?

After about 35 minutes I stopped. Not because I'd had enough, but I'd run out of water. Which was frankly idiotic of me, my tummy was burning with thirst! I was still fresh-legged though, and felt like I could pedal for the hour. Which is most pleasing, that's actually an improvement on what I was able to do at my regular gym before Quadi returned.

I did stretch out afterwards, so not sore at all today. I am aware of my knees though, they really don't appreciate the constant pedalling. I'm probably the wrong shape for cycling, I'm the wrong shape for most activities.

I'm also coming home a week early, so I have around a week left as opposed to two. But I think I'll be ok in terms of being fit enough for traversing back and forth to the yard. I also have to buy a new inner tube for my bike's front tyre, which so mercilessly decided to deflate on the way home shortly before I left. And I didn't manage to get it repaired.

Here's hoping the rain stops upon my return. Boyo is getting a brand new saddle as soon as I'm back, so waterproofs for me are out of the questions until the following payday! Not sure I fancy a month of cycling in soaking wet clothes and extremeties turning black from being cold and wet!

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