Sunday, 29 August 2010


A little OT... of my cousin's cats passed away two days ago :( I'm still offshore and especially hate to get such news when away from home, so just wanted somewhere to say 'something'. It always hurts to lose a four-legged member of the family.

Jet was a little black cat of 23 years (yes, 23!) and his health was deteriorating. Poor love was going deaf and blind and had no teeth left, but still enjoying his little world until very recently, and what a character! You couldn't visit the house without Jet having a little shottie of curling up on each visitor's lap :)

I know two little stories about this little guy, they made me smile as I thought of him today. On the one hand, when my cousin's son was a toddler, he used to drag Jet by the tail across the wooden floor (the floor is pretty slick so there wasn't much resistance). My cousin would always freak out about this and explain why pulling cats by the tail is a bad idea for everyone, but Jet would always just lay there passively and be dragged along until the floor was suitably polished with cat hair! (Said child is very scared of our cat after attempting the same thing and not receiving the warmest of responses regarding such activity :s )

On the other hand, I remember one time when there were shouts from the front gate of the house. A man walking his Alsatian shouting, begging them to call off their cat!!! Jet had sprung out and wouldn't let them pass the gate, the poor dog was curled behind his owner! I think at that point Jet had just one canine tooth left and was baring it menacingly *lol*

Some pets are just extra special :) And 23 years old, what a credit to them, how old is that in cat years?!

Can't wait to get home and give my two rogues extra bosies!


  1. Ahh that is a good age. I think when they live such a long life they have an extra something which keeps them going idea what it is in cat years!?

  2. Bless his little heart. Jet was a character and a half! I love the dog story.

    23 years is a grand life and I'm sure he will be sadly missed. RIP, Jet. Heaven is smiling to welcome you.

  3. that's very old for a cat! a good life