Monday, 23 August 2010

News From Home

Lucky Quadi had his massage today :)

The good news is that he has no specific spasms about his person. This pleased me greatly but isn't a suprise since he's not exactly working hard at the moment prior to moving house.

He is still stiffer through his left side, which would explain why he is so blocked on the right rein I guess? As this means on a right rein flexion he has to stretch along his left side, which is tricky if he's not as flexible that way. There was a lack of lumbar flexion but he produced some good back lifts (where you 'activate' the pressure point on the chest where the girth lies). I'm awaiting email homework from the bodyworker (as I'm still in the Southern Hemisphere) if that will be necessary. He's probably due another physio check up too, more stretches and more pole work methinks. Given that I have previously fallen over from a seated position trying to flex right (for the physio), it's probably worth booking us both in for some further exercises!

In other Quadi news he has been back in the school and by all accounts it sounds like some rest has done him good. He's carrying that little smidge of extra condition he was lacking, and with Kate up he can canter both reins in the school, proper circles too! Whereas before we'd have to let him build up a little head of steam and run into it, now he is offering freely. Amazing what horses can do with a balanced pilot! I should also mention this was with the distraction of a pony careering around outside the school, and he was very happy and willing to work, so I'm very proud of him!

Soon he will commence his ulcer meds too. He is footsore at the moment, it wasn't my expectation that this would be the time of year he'd be most susceptible to LGL. Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to winter, cold and all? It makes keeping an IR/EMS horse that little bit easier...I hope I'm not eating my words come Christmas!

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  1. Basically good news, then. More massage and some work on you would be a good way to sort things out.

    Sounds as if he is getting some good schooling too. Hopefully the months ahead will be filled with good rides.