Friday, 13 August 2010

Call Me Crazy...

...but I'm planning to go hunting this winter! There are two meets I can go to. Both have non-jumping groups.

I'm not sure on turnout though. For me or him, will have to do some research.

With Lusitanos, it is supposedly tantamount to sacrilege to pull their manes. Trouble is, as Quadi lives out he has a real neither-here-nor-there mane. It's not so short that plaits would be neat and small, but not so long that a healthy running plait would hold for the day.

For ease, I was thinking of hogging it and leaving his forelock on. Actually, I was thinking of doing that anyway...


  1. Youz crazy, LOL, no not really it will be fab. Yes hog, easy to deal with and if he doesn't have a full, thick mane then no probs; it will grow back if you hate it anyway.

  2. H-m-m-m. Bit of a dilemma here. No comment from me about the hogging. It's a neat solution but a big step, so I'll stay out of it.

    On the other hand, hunting should really be fun! From what I know of him, Quadi should love it!

  3. *lol* Don't worry Jean, no blame will be apportioned to any opinions! It's not a major issue, I'll take some neck shots when I get home, a good excuse. Plus some photos of my plaiting efforts, for a giggle!

    Am pretty much set of giving hunting a go though, taking all the proper precautions of course. Fitness training will begin in earnest once I'm home. Kate's paddock backs onto some nice hills which we are allowed to use, I've missed hacking on hills!

    I probably ought to hit the gym whilst I'm out here too...

  4. Not calling you crazy I went for the first time ever at the start of the winter last year and it was absolutely brilliant!
    We went when the hunt was local to the yard so we could leave when we felt they'd done enough so didnt stay all day but honestly it was one of the best days ive had on horse back.
    But be prepared Quadi might get strong...and I mean stronger than you'd ever think he could be! I was totally blase about Ali as he's usually so laidback, rode him in his usual KK snaffle.I had absolutely no brakes after the 2nd gallop,luckily he was sensible enough to pull up when he saw horses gathering infront but I had no control for much of the time:))
    I did a running plait on Ali which fell out after a while but nothing was said,infact everyone was lovely.
    The bad winter ruled out going again and we definitely wont be going this year..but who knows in a year or two we might get there again.
    You'll love it!

  5. I'm away to post about bitting actually. Quadi is very strong and doesn't have a smidgeon of the sense that Ali does!

    We'd definitely have to be fit enough for a whole day, but that's something he should be ok for by the time it comes around.