Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Diet Worked. A Little Too Well.

Feedback from the equine massage therapist is more of the same. Keep up with our carrot stretches and more pole work. She felt he was ok but subdued, and I guess we're all in agreement the feet are the issue there, and diet (grass) at the moment is the cause. Bum, poor boy. I wish I could make him better faster than this.

So, the plan of action is for Quadi and I to have a joint physio session once I'm home. I'll demonstrate his stretchiness for treats and make sure we're executing those properly, and furthermore we will review his performance over poles and tweak those exercises if need be. I'll have to demonstrate my ability to sit upright without falling over, and my core strength progress.

As part of our routine with our guys, Kate weight-taped Quadi. 470kg. I seem to remember him regularly measuring 520kg and at one point I recall seeing 570kg somewhere. So whilst the actual figures are rough it would seem he's shed at leat 50kg and possibly up to 100kg. He's no hat rack of course, but needs more correct muscle and perhaps could carry a little more condition. He's not a ribby, lean guy and whilst I don't want him to carry excess fat anywhere he doesn't look right running this 'light'. I anticipate he should look healthy around 490-500kg, carrying much more muscle with that.

He's also started his omperazole, which should also help with any pre-, during and post-move stresses. And of course will allow any suspected digestive tract ulcers to heal.

Moving day is midweek next week. Have requested photos in eager anticipation. Can't wait for my first proper visit to Kate's new house, I'll enjoy that first cup of tea in the kitchen as we stand and watch our horses, like giant goldfish, out through the kitchen window, very soothing :)

I spent yesterday in Rio. 37C in the sunshine! Which, coincidentally, is the melting point of a Caucasian Scottish female-person in direct sunlight *lol* Factor 40 was liberally applied! Of course I'd rather be back in Blighty, at the yard in two jumpers and a scarf, having my hair 'groomed' by The Baby, my tummy boofed by Fin and Quadi wiping his sloppy alfalfa-stubbled muzzle all over the backside of my jeans...heaven!


  1. Oh did I miss the move bit...sounds great, good luck.
    Oh well if you HAVE to be away Rio is better than SOME places.

  2. Hope the move goes well and that you get to see the beasties soon!

  3. Busy, busy. Hard to say about Quadi's weight. I'm trying, with mixed success to get some weight off my Boys, but how much is too much? With joint and physical problems, lighter should be better.

    I had great success with the omeprazole. Good idea on your part with that move coming up. Looking forward to hear how things go.

  4. Thanks guys, moving day on Wednesday!

  5. Good luck with the move!
    I wish I could get some weight off Ali but with the box rest,lack of work its been a losing battle this year...very frustrating as he came out of the winter lovely.

    What is this sunshine you speak of?!?!?!