Monday, 9 August 2010

My 'Manimals' Conspire Against Me!

It surely is the way of the world, when you're away from home, animals get sick *lol*

My Mum emailed to say my cat is poorly, hopefully nothing serious. And I had another email to say my horse was footsore over the weekend. He has a sore frog so, although he's finding it pretty painful, I'm hoping for this resistant infection rather than LGL. Although he had run out of yea-sacc as the delivery hasn't turned up yet, so toxic LGL is a possibility. We're doing everything in our means at the moment but I think next year will spell grass-free periods for him :(

He has his flu jabs tomorrow, the vet can give him a run over.

Kate and I have been musing ulcers and are pretty much of the opinion once they move to her new place we'll give them a course of treatment. On my part it'll mean foregoing a chance to ride at a Perry Wood clinic but needs must.


  1. Hope the pusscat is OK and Q too!!

  2. perry wood will come again, though! hope they both recover...

  3. Hopefully, all will be well.

    Treating for ulcers is a good approach. Actually, treating is one way to diagnose ulcers, because if the horse is better after treatment, then that was probably the problem.

  4. Thanks guys!

    Jean, you're so right, there could be hindgut ulcers which are beyond the limits of scoping so treatment seems like the best way to diagnose.