Monday, 2 August 2010

People Are Not Chew Toys

Not much happened today. A bit of a kerfuffle at work, I thought I may have to fly to Brazil tonight but was granted a reprieve until tomorrow, and it's still not 100% certain.

Once I knew I wasn't travelling today I scooted straight up to the yard as per my original plan. Where I spent a happy-ish hour poo picking. Only happy-ish because there were a lot of weathered poops in long grass! But The Baby thought it was time for high jinx, which was fun. It always takes me longer to poo pick with him around but he is very entertaining. Taking off bucking and farting, leaping around to encourage me to play, etc. At one point he was lifting a fully laden poop scoop in his mouth. When I offered and then succeeded to remove it from his mouth I was met with a love bite! He got his teeth right around my (albeit scrawny) wrist. Luckily I reprimanded him before he bit down, naughty little guy! *lol* You definitely have to watch the mouths of curious and cheeky babies :)

Before I poo picked I took off Quadi's muzzle but was sneaky and put on his headcollar at the same time so that he couldn't sneak off and pretend he was too hungry to be caught. So he was first to come in, and he had his feet soaked again.

Apart from that and a few kisses and cuddles, that was it! I may or may not be flying to Rio tomorrow, for an undisclosed period of time. Makes my job sound very mysterious but the truth is it's simply disorganised...


  1. but you get to see the odd bit of the world, and odd bits of its oceans...

  2. Such "assistance" is always a boon when you are poo picking...Chance likes to flip the wheelbarrow over, but only after I've nearly filled it.

    Glad the jaws did not crunch down. That would have been nasty. *S*

  3. True, usually the oddest bits! I like my job, but currently don't love the dis-organisation I work for!

    The Baby is a confirmed barrow-tipper, likewise only when it's full up. I have a couple of tooth marks on my arm but think myself fortunate he didn't grab hold :s