Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Better Boys

Quadi was a Very Good Boy for his jab! The vet was female, which I think would have helped. He's not inherently scared of men, but mannie vets he can spot a mile off! She also gave him a little once over before jabbing him so I reckon that will have eased him in her company. Perhaps it's because I absent from proceedings *lol*

He's being very well-tended to and having his feet disinfected for nastiness (thanks Kate!) so he's looking a lot happier on them.

News from home is that Oscar, my cat, is feeling much better after a night sleeping on my Mum's legs :) She said he's seeming more normal. If he remains so then I'll get him to the vet for an MOT and some bloods when I get home. Mum said she'd get him straight to the vet if it happens again in the meantime. He finds the vet very stressful (I don't know what it is about my guys and vets!) so it's just a whole lot easier if I'm there. Plus I'm well-versed in Cat Judo and don't flinch if my hand is used as a means of distraction for his teeth and claws! Poor little guy, have never found the right way to explain to him that being handled, poked, prodded, having thermometers up his bum and needles in his neck actually aids his wellbeing!


  1. ah, animals and vets! have to say, i've been lucky that way, but it is luck not judgement!

  2. You need to change your expectations when you take them to the vet. Think positive and send, "This is no big deal" messages to the animals to reassure them. Right now, you are expecting the worst and they are responding as such. We can tell our animals a lot more than we realize.

    Hope everything continues to improve on the health front, though. Sounds promising.

  3. Good Quadi! Glad that Oscar's feeling brighter.

  4. To be honest Jean, as far as the cat goes, I'm totally relaxed! Apart from one emergency, he's always in for routine checks so I'm pretty calm. It's the vet's vibes, he seems more at ease with the friendlier animals. Don't suppose I blame him!

    As for Quadi, yes, I'm probably a big factor but with each vet visit we're both getting better *lol* I always recognise it though and on occassion will hand the leadrope to someone else and walk away. Will have to try and clear out my mind of all the whirring thoughts for next time!

  5. Good news!

    Polo is a big baby like Quadi,he has a 6th sense when someone is there to *do stuff*,he had loads of needles and 3ops when he was four which turned him needle/vet phobic.
    He is much better now as I tend to feed him when he gets a needle,infact I gave his last Adequan jab loose in the field while he ate out of a bucket!:)

    Ali doesnt flinch with needles,the vet was practically jumping for joy at how good he was when she did his nerve blocks!

    Nicola(forgot to sign in)

  6. Yep Nicola, Quadi's had a lot of treatment too. I think sometimes they get to a certain age and you have to accept and love their little idiosyncracies. Quadi's a real foodie, I don't know why it never occured to me to feed him during jabs! Sounds like Polo's very accepting of the whole process now :)

    And bless Ali, what a star, he is definitely one of my favourites!