Saturday, 4 September 2010

Three Horses + Five Acres = Two Happy Owners

Bleurgh, 12 hours of pipeline processing is leaving me bog-eyed at the end of my shifts. Sadly this means I haven't the time nor energy to comment on blogs, I'm reduced to communicating with my colleagues in clicks, whistles and grunts! But I'm still reading everyone's entries, your blogs are keeping me sane and I'm learning lots as always :)

Last update from home was that the boys moved safe and well. Quadi loaded just with a little beet bribery and a special treat to tease his back feet in...a little taste of The Baby's balancer *lol* I expect we'll have to take some backward steps and reiterate loading practice post-move, but that's to be expected.

Everyone's settling in well and Quadi's general health is under close monitor. I'm very lucky to have a friend whom I trust to treat my horse as if he were her very own :) I hope to be able to post next week with some photos!

Part of Quadi's last schooling session was continuing the good canter work, practice and reward will breed more and more of this pleasing progress...I hope Kate won't mind reproducing a small part of her email to me:

I schooled Quadi last night, who was a very good boy again. We did some canter work again, and got a great uphill canter on the left. Not quite so nice on the right as he seemed to think he couldn’t bend and canter at the same time, so kept losing it and trying to motorbike on the short sides. We got some nice moments though when he did bend, and we did make it round the short side without motorbiking once, plus a circle in the middle (where somehow it was easier to bend, probably the lack of necessity!).

Whilst there is obviously room for practice and improvement, it's so encouraging that he is steadily developing flexibility and strength. I guess it helps having a balanced rider! I also hear he is carrying a little more healthy condition and his back is looking a little broader. Although probably not so good for Kate who is far narrower in the pelvis than me!

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  1. Glad to know all went well with the move.

    More details and pics when you have some time, however. I want to see the new "digs."