Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Here He Is

Thanks to Kate's OH for this gorgeous photo of Quadrado

There were a couple more headshots but that's it for the moment. I think this was taken as he waited for the other two boys to arrive, glad to see he wasn't so stressed he couldn't eat :)

All is well so far, save some high jinx from the three of them whilst rules and manners are established at taking-in time. The stables look over the paddocks so everyone's keen to get in for tea when it gets to that time. Once they know the routine they'll be back to their amenable selves.


  1. Lovely photo and glad the move went well.

  2. Takes a while for them to settle into a new environment and a new routine.

    Quad's head is gorgeous and I love his expression in this photo. Alert but content....and that hay adds the perfect touch. *S*

  3. Lovely pic!
    Pleased the move went ok,it does take a while to settle in I know my two are still not 100% settled from our move.
    Bet you cant wait to get back!

  4. Isn't it just a fab shot?! I keep looking at that pic when I get homesick!