Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Never Make Plans

It would seem they always have a habit of being scuppered!

There is some species of strike happening in France on Thursday (which is when I arrive in Paris) which may prevent me from getting home on my planned flight. Air France are operating their long-haul as planned but there are supposed to be disruptions to short- and medium-haul. Who knows when I'll get home and by what means?! *lol*

This, of course, has nothing to do with either mine nor Quadi's Broken Body :) Although it's worth mentioning I've been on a vessel with free access to all manner of sugary treats and have not seen the inside of the gym since I had my induction seven weeks ago! I suspect my horse may feel the difference when I finally managed to scramble onboard...


  1. Oh bother! Yep they're striking over the age of retirement going up from 60 to 62!!!! Not quite as bad as the Greeks but blimey who's gonna keep paying for it. OK off soap box. Have a safe journey and hope it's delay free.

  2. Wish you a safe trip home sooner than later.

    Sugary treats in a confined space...not good for the waistline. Quadi won't notice....maybe.....