Wednesday, 15 September 2010

One Week

One more week and I'm home, 7 weeks offshore is plenty for anyone I think, looking forward to getting home and back to real life!

Word on The Boys is that life is slowly settling down, they're all having their little princess dramas in turn but nothing exceedingly dramatic. Quadi continues to broaden out a little over his back and has crept up to 485kg on the weight tape.

Fingers crossed I am home in time for lunch next Thursday :)


  1. back to autumn here of course....

  2. Hope you are back then too. You need to be with Quadi, cuddling that cute face!!

  3. I'll bet getting back will feel great!

  4. That is just too long Danni, hope it's a good trip back and obviously lots of downtime to spend with Q.

  5. I dont think I could cope with 7weeks away but not long till your back now!!
    Polo is still pretty unsettled from our move,Ali couldnt give two does take these sensitive souls a good while to settle down:)))

  6. It is way too long o_O Very much looking forward to getting home now :D Although it sounds like I'll be digging out the waterproofs and woollies!

    Hmm, not so super that Polo is feeling a bit out of place Nicola, but reassuring to hear that it's a Delicate Pony thing ;)