Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Working off the Christmas excess

Tonight was my first poledance class since before Christmas. The last set I only got to do one class before being sent offshore. This time I hope I'll be here for most of the block of six. I'm in the most experienced group, we are split off into groups of similar abilities, but I'm definitely the worst amongst us! I'm tall and heavy, and the others are small and petite. Even my friend, who isn't that much shorter than me, is much, much better because she's super-fit. I feel like Megatron next to them all. A very ungainly Megatron! I don't normally stick at things I'm not good at, save horses, so I did a little pouting tonight at my lack of prowess!

I need to work on my fitness and upper body strength, so am thinking about going climbing...!

I didn't ride on Sunday, got rather too engrossed in a visit to a friend's horse and then ran out of time. Sadly now that it's raining the snow is turning to a slick of wet ice so the boys might be field-bound for a few days until it clears. Then we'll have mud! I've been doing some preemptive hoof spraying as I know Quadi will be up to his knees in a bog before long and then we'll have the horsey equivalent of trenchfoot on our hands.


  1. OMG poledancing, brave girl. I thought pouting was an asset with poledancing ;-)

  2. Haha, not the stoppy sort of pouting I was doing!