Monday, 18 January 2010

I give up

I really do. I think I've had enough now. Tonight's session in the school was just the cherry on the turd. My riding has reached a plateau, it's never really gotten beyond the very basics I started with, and it's not good enough for this horse. I'm sick of his temper tantrums and I'm sick of my crying.

This is me throwing in the towel :(


  1. Just keep breathing and let the feelings be what they are until they recede - then you can think and consider. Sending good thoughts.

  2. Danni giving up isn't an option but just knowing that you can may be a tonic right now. We've all been there, some of us all too are not alone and you are plenty good enough, it's just a crap time of year for us and them.

  3. have a hug.
    and you'll feel a lot better when the weather improves (i'm with the others...)

    i haven't ridden for ages, as you know, and anticipate it being fairly pants for a while when i do...

  4. Can I join in the giving Danni a walloping great kick up the arse in the nicest friendliest way possible? Have a blummin great hug with it too xxxx

    I can sympathise in every way imaginable as I know better than most what these delightful neds can throw at us to drive us to distraction. They are very *special*
    You aren't feeling a 100% and neither is his Lordship. It's cold, wet, dark, miserable and I for one am so glad I don't have to do any kind of work with the horses right now because I know I'd be feeling just the same.

    I've got to back Bally in the Spring for an owner and wider world all wanting results and I haven't even sat on a bleedin horse since what...September I think, so I hope you loveley bloggers are prepared to kick my butt when I post some equally AAAARRRRGGGHH posts ;-)