Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sense of humour FAIL

It happened as I was battling up to the yard. I've been donning various boots for the past month, owing to the snowy weather, and just really, really wanted to wear comfy trainers. Sadly the only trousers I had were denim flares so I figured I'd get wet ankles. I didn't mind that, I'm just happy to have feeling in my toes again!

The track up to the yard is knobbled ice with a torrent of water running down it. I had the choice of walking on that (impossible) or in ankle-deep puddles (impassible) or along a super narrow grass slope which ran down to giant puddles of stagnant water. Each route being littered with dog crap in various stages of decomposition. My hood kept blowing down, my hair was across my face, my umbrella had folded several times to resemble a dead seabird and the wind was not aiding me in maintaining balance over the icy path I'd chosen to walk in trousers wet up to my knees and soaking feet :( I cracked, I ended up in furious, sobbing tears. They didn't stop when I saw that there was a river running along the wrong side of our fenceline and said fencing was down in several places, containing only one horse. As usual, it wasn't my horse!

I eventually calmed down, but not before I had to change into dry socks and my jods (I am so happy I had the foresight to leave a change of clothes at the yard!). Not easy when you are cold and wet-legged and hopping in your knickers on a sloped cobbled floor.

I may also have had a little Basil Fawlty moment with the brolly which made me feel a lot better, it's now in the bin!

Fin was an utter fairy to bring in, couldn't possibly face into the wind and rain to come in. He was stood in a corner sheltering, Quadi had stepped over the fence and was grazing in the middle of the field, braced against the elements.

Both boys caught, I left them to drip off in their rugs and eat some hay in their stable, whilst I went to the field armed with a barrow and spade. Now that the snow's almost gone we can't really slide the gate open and closed for all the sodden poop on the hardstanding. I scraped two barrows-worth up, it's the best I could do. It's really bugging me how much poop is lying around, I'm hoping I can start to pick it out once the weather dries up. Wishful thinking I think...

Now that I was calm, having partaken in a little manual labour, I fed two very keen ponies and fussed over Quadi. I disinfected all his feet, put conditioner in his mane (it's really growing!) and gave him a rub over with a massage brush. And finished off with some stretches, which he was pleased about as some of them involved sweeties. He's looking good, I was admiring his neck today. Not too bad for a horse barely working! And I got some cuddles from him, all is well with the world :)

I'm weighing myself tomorrow *sigh* I bought clothes today and only one item fits, so lots of returning to do tomorrow. It's a question of proportions, I'm a really odd shape and therefore must look odd in ill-fitting clothing. Never mind, with the money I've not spent on clothing, I bought 40 tall electric fenceposts tonight. Partly so that we can finally make the fencelines safe to give the boys the entire field, and partly for introductions when Espresivo joins the herd from St Piran's in March :D

There, I vented, I feel better, they were hardly big problems anyway! Hoping for better weather tomorrow!


  1. espresivo? new horse from Rachel? ooooooo

  2. Yep, Kate's new boy, will be heading north in a couple of months :)