Friday, 1 January 2010

Fuzzy around the edges

Me and Quadi both!

Me because I was up till 4am drinking lethal cocktails and jumping around like a loon playing Singstar. This despite numerous repeated protests that I hate karaoke, so I must have been very drunk indeed! Well, I know I was, since I had to have a little disco nap after midnight, thus giving me a second wind for more drinking. Very Bad Idea.

And Quadi because he's just a woolly little bean! I bought him a new rug today and I'm very pleased with it, he looks cute as a button in his new jacket :) I didn't take a photo of him in it today because I still wasn't firing on all cylinders when I went up to feed the pair of them. I just couldn't cope with doing more than I absolutely had to! If the weather stays agreeable I'll hopefully get a hack in tomorrow.

Thanks to Kate making me a fried egg sammich this afternoon when we all got up, and my Mum's beautiful roast dinner this aft, I'm feeling human. Such a waste of a day though, I hate feeling too rotten to do anything. Glad it's only once a year *lol*

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