Sunday, 3 January 2010

Today...Naughty Ponies!

Last night I had to call my Dad to come and collect me as the bus drove right past me(!), so I was left stood next to a dual carriageway in the dark as the temperatures reached minus six! I will be calling them on Tuesday morning to voice my concerns against the driver!

Because of that, and the fact that it snowed again overnight, I elected to stay home and search for cars for sale online, in the hope that I could find some cars locally to go and look at. Nothing fancy, just something which costs less than four figures with an MOT. Sadly there is nothing to be found up here but there are some cars further south which will warrant further queries. If there are enough cars still for sale as next weekend approaches I'll be going on a road trip!

I don't need a car, but I'm heartily sick of being cold and paying a fortune to catch buses that are never on time.

Onto the naughty ponies! Yesterday I had to follow our electric fenceline to remove snow and frost from the tape as it was sagging. In some places, it was sagging to the floor! With their hay and water within the confines of their mini-paddock, the boys have no need to test the fence or to try and leap it!

Kate called me today to say that she arrived at the yard this morning to find only one horse in the field. The fence was down, the metal stake of one fencepost seemed to have snapped under the weight of snow. Quadi was up at the far fence line, where two of the mares are. Two real sweet girlies with eyes for our boys but Quadi has a habit of striking out with his front legs and the fence between them is barbed. We weren't quite at the point of hot-taping all the no-go areas as Quadi is still on restricted paddock rest. I guess he didn't listen to the vet! Anyway, no harm done but I'll have to get some more tall posts bought PDQ. Our intention was to tape off the the fencelines we didn't want them chatting over, but Quadi was obviously feeling impatient ;)

Fin was the horse remaining in the field. What is very funny is that Kate discovered two sets of hoofprints leaving the field, and one set returning. Fin was stood as if butter wouldn't melt, looking horrified at how naughty Quadi had been to leave the field, and wasn't he a good boy for staying put *lol*

Quadi's still resting the hind leg but only when Kate is looking at him, and he will weight-bear onto it. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be feeling better still :)

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