Thursday, 28 January 2010

Very quickly

Because I'm shattered!

Kate rode Quadi on Wednesday night. I wanted to lunge him tonight but rain, then sleet, then snow soon put paid to that idea. The big thing is that we have the vet coming tomorrow afternoon to do a lameness assessment, 5 weeks late. Luckily he's even bringing the ultrasound machine so we can double-check everything. Sadly because of the wet weather Quadi's hinds were a little stinky tonight. I am disinfecting them as much as I can but we really need to get them into the whole field this weekend to give the mini-paddock a good rest.

Fingers are crossed for tomorrow. I'm also having x-rays of his hinds taken since they were where we started treatment with corrective shoeing. That was in March of last year :o

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  1. Good Luck for today, here's hoping for a resounding all clear so you can move onwards and upwards!!!