Saturday, 30 January 2010

Home alone...teehee!

Since we've had another lot of snow, we didn't attempt any fencing but we discussed what we have to do and I'll do it over the course of the week. The boys have their water, hay, plenty of sunny spots and now the mud's frozen the small paddock isn't such an issue. I'll have to have to hand around after Quadi's sedation on Tuesday so fencing can wait till then.

Poor ponies, they had balls of snow attached to their fetlocks when they came in. This caused a problem when we set off for our hack. Mr Fin was a little jittery (I can imagine how annoying dangly balls of snow round the hair on one's ankles would be!) and Quadi was also in an odd mood. The forest, whilst it was covered in snow, was boggy so we cut our hack short. Quadi wanted to be in front but kept stopping, and he felt like he needed a long hack. So I will hack each one in turn tomorrow.

I'm also dog-sitting for Kate this week so Meg, her dog, and I might have one or two adventures ;)

We were going to have a lesson with Kate's trainer Donald but he's cancelled this month due to the weather, so are arranging some elsewhere. I would dearly love a lesson soon, and hope to enlist a friendly soul who will video or at least take some snaps.

We're due more snow overnight. But no ice please!

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  1. Hope you manage to sort something out re lessons - I can't wait to get started again...distinct lack of anything to have lessons on here atm which doesn't help!

    It's the feedback that's so important when you spend most of your time puttering away on your my case nice to get confirmation that I'm not just hell bent on self persecution and yes I do look as bad as I feel lol!!

    Have great fun on your adventures!