Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tired, but Happy

Am One Tired Blogger so it'll have to be short and sweet...


I decided it was high-time we went back into the school. Good move :) Despite a ham-fisted attempt at in-hand, and a distracted start he went superbly. I worked in all the exercises Perry gave me and muddled in some work of my own. He worked with his back up the whole time and was soft in my hand. All of this in the evening sunshine. Just bliss!


Because we'd schooled yesterday, I decided on a hack tonight. Once again we had sun and warmth. Little bit of a pest in that we also had a fair few midges (I've been bitten!) and Quadi did headshake out in the open, but a nice evening anyway.

We went out over the ditches, Quadi's starting to get to grips with just hopping or stepping rather than leaping! We had two flat out canters, managed to get him up to a gallop the second time around the loop, as we swerved round the bend downhill! Sadly I don't have the stopping distance to really open him up, and I'm always worried I meet a hidden dog-walker!

On the way home we met some young bulls :)

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