Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Interruption to Regular Services

Ugh. Just...ick.

Quadi has yet to do any real work since the weekend. This is partly due to the shape-shifting weather we seem to be experiencing. I can only describe myself as looking like a homeless and soggy spaniel-type pooch by the time I arrive at the boys' field. The only assurance I seem to have is that it will rain as soon as I leave the office every day >:( It makes for a soggy and unpleasant journey to the yard.

The other part is my being tired. I know I'm tired because my shoulder, neck and back hurt. Clearly I'm so preoccupied with carrying tension around with me all day, I haven't the time or inclination to do anything enjoyable like ride my horse! My shoulders have returned to their default position, lurking somewhere around my ears.

I've been maintaining 6am starts with 9pm finishes (when I leave home and when I arrive back each day) for some time now and they're starting to tell on me, I'm knackered to the point of forgetfulness. So I'm taking Friday and Monday off work :D

I did do some stretches with Quadi last night, tonight I would have worked him but he was a sodden, muddy mess and it rained most of the time I was at the yard. I decided to come home and soak my weary bones in a bath instead :)

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  1. Hope you have a chance to catch up on sleep and relax during your long weekend.