Sunday, 23 May 2010

Quietly Does It

Not quite such a sunny start but I felt the need for more hacking today. So that's what we did. Once I caught him of course. I had been up in the field earlier and touched him to say Hi as I snuck through the switched-off electric wire. When I touched him as he saw the tape wiggle he shot off, poor love must have thought I was going to zap him! So when I returned to capture my pony he was having none of it. But the field they are in is much smaller so it didn't take much time to persuade him that I wasn't going to make his coat stand on end!

I booted his hind feet for a change, they seem in need of a little support, the heels aren't changing as much as I'd like so I think they need some help. So he was a little careful over stones but not stumbling or sore. I reckon we'll have to get another pair of boots...

We took the first track over the ditches and meandered through the forest. All very pleasant. He took a look at the water container both times around today but since we stuck to a walk for the entire hack he seemed calmer. I played once more with flexions and I think we're losing some ground so there will be much schooling this week.

On our way back into the forest there were some folkies cutting up fallen trees with chainsaws which made Quadi beetle his way home. Once we were in the forest and out of earshot I halted him and regained some calm before we continued. Much better :)

Not a terribly exciting day but productive. And most pleasant in the scorching sun, despite wearing SPF40 I seem to have caught some rays...

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