Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Little Better...

I took a couple of days off Quadi and rode him today, first time since his leaping and plunging.

Just a hack, just the route we normally take. He was fine to set off apart from a little distraction I will reveal further on ;)

He's still very backwards-thinking and spooky. I'm not sure if it's a flush through of grass, or if it's in-season mares, or something else.

I had his back working up for more time than it wasn't, which is good. We went around the loop twice in the opposite direction to what we have been doing. I used the opportunity to ask for flexions as we walked, and to contain the tempo of the walk a little. Quadi was a smidge resistant to this but in the end, on the way home, I got him both ways and he was really soft in-hand. We had a canter but he was rather strong! Funny what a couple of days off can do to them. There were too many dog-walkers around to do any more than that but it was good to work in walk.

Not much else to report, it was a nice enough hack and he was, in the main, a good boy. Very distracted though, am hoping increasing his workload back up will help. He has a massage tomorrow too :)

Onto the distraction we had on the way out...she is a week early but this little bundle popped out from behind her dam's legs this morning, much to my confusion!