Saturday, 15 May 2010


Quadi indulged us in a little lead-reining today, my Mum's friend's daughter just loves horses and had asked to come up. Now, Quadi can be a real handful for those of us who chose to pose him questions. But kiddie wearing he can do, and he's super gentle. A real dope on a rope!

As we went up the field to collect him I even got a neigh hello, first time I've heard him do that in years. In fact, I wondered what he wanted ;) But he was just cheerful to see people I think.

I was helped with his grooming and tacking. Bless him, he stayed rooted to the spot. Once his Child was on board we set off to the forest. In addition to all the usual safety gear I put on the seat-saver because it's a little grippier. Just in case. And I had him on a lead rein obviously.

He was a little square paragon of virtue, he didn't put a foot wrong. Walking nice and slowly and not up to any mischief. My Mum said she was very proud of how he's changed, and proud of me for helping him to change. Big grins all round :D

His headshaking is getting worse though. I even tried Vaseline to line his nostrils but it just got snorted out. And onto me!

At some point tomorrow we'll go for a long hack. I could sure use another blast!