Sunday, 30 May 2010

One in Seven

That's how many days I've ridden. One, in seven! I hacked him the other day but apart from that it's either been tipping down or I've had to work late.

Today it rained all morning, I dragged our motley crew in to give them a break, so that they could dry off and warm up. Mostly I was thinking of their feet. Quadi initially neglected to be gathered in but he soon realised he would have been solo and obliged me in having his headcollar on. All the while I was feeling super-attractive in full waterproofs and a woolly hat!

Once all in, Quadi began to shiver :( I put his fleece on, and a stable rug over the top. Plus he got a warm feed, which he was most grateful for. Anyway, he stopped shaking pretty quickly but looked a little withdrawn so they gang stood in for a few hours with hay and water until he brightened up. Of course, it was dry and sunny all afternoon, but I didn't want to ride him just in case his kidneys had gotten a chill.

To cheer him up we did some physio stretches for treats. Hopefully he'll be feeling like his old self tomorrow and we can do some real work!

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  1. We've got some rotten wet stuff at the mo, hope it cheers up for us all soon.