Friday, 14 May 2010

Couldn't Be Happier!

After bringing young Coffee in solo one day for a feed, Kate noticed just how relaxed he was about being on his own whilst eating his tea. So we decided to venture a short hack with the Grown-Ups.

Couldn't have gone better. Coffee received his feed as we set off and was still tucking in when we came back. Not a hint of a fuss.

Our hack was lovely too, it's been what feels like an age since I've hacked with anyone! Quadi was a little up Fin's bum as we set off, and there was some rain. But once again he was lovely and soft and happy to flex both ways. Once we were in the forest I could really feel him lift up his back and collect his stride a little. We decided not to stay out too long at all, and retreated back over the ditches. Quadi leading the way :D

He's looking wonderful just now, finally dropping his winter woollies for his silky summer coat. His ribs are clearly felt under his coat and his tummy doesn't look distended. Just perfect for heading into summer grazing. He's headshaking in the field now but we're on the case to make him more comfortable.

Not a ground-breaking day but still... :)