Wednesday, 6 October 2010

We've Been Here Before

Today I found myself in a huge new garden emporium (it's way bigger than a garden centre), and whilst there I had a wee nosey in the aquatics section. I used to keep fish and really miss it. This evening I'm wondering whether it would be less hassle...

I hadn't the chance to work Quadi until taking-in time. He was fine to groom and I only noticed a hint of a problem when I was stretching out his forelegs to make sure there were no creases under his girth, where he was reluctant to lift his off fore. Normally Quadi will anticipate a leg or hoof lift so this was very unusual. Even when he gave me his leg he was leaning on me. I managed to stretch him out but he never really 'released' this leg. He did come out of the stable a little doddery but he walked it off.

We popped out for a quick spin on the lunge, starting on the left rein which was fine in walk. To check him out, I asked him up into trot and immediately he was nodding, the issue in this instance appears to be the near fore. Unsurprisingly, he was equally odd on the right rein.

So it was a very short session. I brought him in, cleaned his feet and scrubbed them with Hibiscrub. Historically when he's been showing these symptoms it's because of thrush, and we're still fighting some separation in his hoof wall. I felt all up and down his forelegs and could find no heat or pulses. Realistically though, it could be many things. Sore heels, infection up the hoof wall, thrush, ligament damage, strained tendon, shoulder pain, back pain...I don't suppose it really helps to make a list right now :(

Since I was in the stable with him, we did a couple of stretches, just some bows and the nose-to-hindfoot stretch. Once again he was a little stiffer on the right but very willing. Where food is involved, it's hard to tell whether or not he's sore, I think he'd walk through burning flames and over broken glass for a sweetie, even if it were a vet proffering said treat ;)

It's hard not to get down with recurrent lameness, I'm doing everything and more to make sure he is ok. Not planning on giving him any pain relief today, will see how he looks tomorrow.


  1. Sorry to hear he's not quite right Danni, hopefully it's something and nothing and he'll be sound again very soon.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that - mystery lamenesses are the worst!

  3. So frustrating. I've been through that more than once with Tucker. At least if you know what's wrong you can treat it...wishing you luck.