Thursday, 7 October 2010

Vet Tomorrow

This morning the boys seemed well and Quadi was moving freely to graze and still no heat in his legs, so I didn't feel the need to check how lame he was until taking-in time.

Everyone had their soles sprayed with purple spray, which means my hands are all stained now too *lol* Before Quadi's feet were treated, I took him out onto a flat, grazed part of the paddock to see how he's looking. Very nodding lame on the left rein on that near fore, less so on the right rein but still obvious.

Managed to get him an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, and I'll keep him in tonight. It's probably overkill, but you never know. i've given him 24 hours and he's no better. As I poo picked several worrying scenarios were rattling through my head. I'll give him pain relief tonight in case it's something which could be aggravated by standing in, really hard to know what to do. In fact, it could drive me quite mad figuring out which course of action is best!

I've requested the x-ray equipment for the appointment, hopefully they'll be able to bring it to save time and callouts!

Anna, our physio, is coming on Sunday anyway so if the vet happy there isn't a hoof or joint issue then that would be our next port of call anyway.


  1. :( oh no, hope it goes OK tomorrow.

  2. Thank you :) I just had to give him a full dose of ACP, poor love was hat-dancing and box walking. Really was in two minds to keep him in but he was lame even in the box, hopefully now that the lights are out and I'm out of sight he has settled down with his huge pile of hay.

    I noticed the sole on the offending foot seems flatter than I swear it was earlier on today, I do hope it's not laminitis or a pedal bone issue. No point in worrying until we know more I suppose!

  3. Sudden extreme lameness is often a hoof abscess. Here's hoping it's something more like that so it resolved quickly with no complications. I'll be watching this space for news.