Sunday, 3 October 2010


100 bales of hay, and four pallets, all shifted by little me. Am pretty sore now but I know tomorrow will be worse, I may treat myself to a hot bath after turnout tomorrow, else I shall be creaking the rest of the day! I'm covered in hay scritches o_O

Sadly the weather would not allow for us (me plus physio) to go investigate some hacking routes on the boys, nor could we really lunge Quadi as it was rather unpleasant. So we went to a tack shop instead, and I was extremely disciplined indeed, managed to keep my hand out of my purse :) Both Quadi and I are booked in with her for next Sunday. In the meantime, she suggested putting the Pessoa on him on an easy setting and see how he copes with lunging in that. I could lunge him 'naked' to check his soundness but he'll do his damnedest to avoid inside bend. Perhaps this will have the same effect as two-line lunging, which Claire suggested yesterday? If he looks ok I will keep riding him and see what happens. Now all the jumps are out I can set up a gym in one corner, if we do nothing else this week that'll be really good for him.

I do still think it was napping, given that he and Fin both bucked the time before last. But I will always try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Trudi suggested video, which I'm dying to do but haven't a means of taking any at the moment, will try and sort that out though!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more agreeable weather. Tonight, however, I feel like a rest, and a beer!


  1. A rest and beer well deserved I'd say. re: video, I've been using my stills camera recently and on a 2 G card I get 25 mins worth of not too bad quality and it transfers to the puter so easily; even if you never show anyone else I find it really helpful to see what I'm doing.
    Wish I had a physio that did us both, enjoy!

  2. Read both posts, just now. I tend also to think bad behavior is most often a consequence of physical pain. My Tucker threatened to buck the other day when I asked him for trot. I do know he has developed some issues with his hocks. Then again, he hasn't been worked much at all in the summer, so he is totally unfit. For now, I've decided to see if I can get him more fit and work through the issues a bit. But if it keeps getting worse, I will have to do something.

    One thing you could try would be to give Quadi a dose of bute to see if that changes his attitude. That would take the edge off a joint problem, but not necessarily a muscular one.

  3. You're right Trudi, I need to get myself set up to video, it's the next best thing to having eyes on the ground :)

    Jean, I totally agree with you, it's just a case of whether physical issue was a) that he finds bend difficult (which I know) and b) he was napping because I wouldn't let him zoom to his friends. Or whether there is a new issue here. I don't have any reason to suspect this other than he bucked, and Fin was bucking out of excitement with me too (I wasn't being tense but it's not impossible I was courting this!). The bute isn't a bad idea, he's on a joint supp but there's every chance there are some changes to his joints.