Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Little Bit By Little Bit

Lameness layoff means there isn't much to tell. Quadi's feet are being treated with Hibiscrub hot tubbing and plugging the suspect area with Red Horse Hoof Stuff. Which is easier said than done when the clay has been out in the cold! And every day he's coming in to stand in the dry.

He certainly seemed sound cantering up the field for his tea. They all displayed varying degrees of muppetry tonight, I think there was a fox in the field. For whatever reason, they were on their tippy-toes and not feeling helpful *lol*

As it happens Kate's guys have their vaccinations next week, if there's still any concern or sign of this lameness then I can have him checked out then.

He's being fussy with feed again. Am laying off the light MagOx which is making a little bit of a difference, but I think he's just not hungry. None of them are clearing their plates. They have the run of the whole field now so I guess bellyfuls of fibrous grass is all they want right now.

At least I'm seeing an improvement in soundness, long may it continue!


  1. I agree...long may it continue and resolve itself shortly. *S*

  2. So glad he seems to be feeling better!

  3. well little by little if going in the right direction is good!