Sunday, 24 October 2010

Caught Out

It was sunny but windy, and Kate mooted the idea of clipping instead of hacking. I pointed out the blue skies and said we should take the opportunity to hack whilst we could. So it's my fault really...

Today I wanted to see if I could make any impact on Quadi's way of going, trying to spend at least part of the hack doing some decent flexion and softening work. What hard work! It's been an age since I was last thinking seriously about schooling, and to that end I'm a little rusty and lacking timing. I managed not to give away my contact but still use too much hand and not enough leg. When I finally redressed the balance (after a few pointers from Kate!) we were going along really nicely, I don't think I've ever managed to maintain shape and softness of my horse on a hack. Ok, so it was only for 5 minutes but hopefully next time it'll be 6 minutes, and then 7...

We investigated a lane which, once you've gone through a farm, gives us opportunity for a cheeky canter. We didn't go that far today but now I know where to go when we're out on our own >:)

As we doubled back for home I pointed out some very low grey murk in the distance. Only it wasn't really in the distance, it was on top of us. We were quickly and completely battered silly by north winds, rain and then hail! On the way out both boys had pratted once again at the llamas and ducks, but give them their dues they got us home despite facing into the weather the whole way! I broke down with giggles even though I couldn't feel most bits of myself *lol*

We could tell they really wanted to turn their bums to the weather, but apart from some sideways prancing and Quadi putting in a cheeky and uncharacteristic buck we were fine. Which is just as well as I quickly lost feeling in my hands and face! When Quadi wasn't passaging he was marching very promptly in walk. It was great to feel him lift and round his back, just wish I didn't have to ride in such wintry conditions to achieve this!

I can't describe how horrible it feels to have the rain running off the end of my jacket making my pants rather cold and sodden :( Have to say we were rather wet-nappied walking the boys to the stables!

Still...nice to be back on board and my horse is definitely sound.


  1. sounds horrid weather but good news on other fronts, especially being sound!

  2. Oooh, you don't have to try to describe that feeling...been there, done that....horrible.

    Guess the horses had the good sense to want to get home despite the lurking llamas and dreadful ducks.

    At least you had half a pleasant ride, accomplishing much on the way out..good work on the rounding horse.

  3. euch. hope you're all dried and warm now, then...

  4. Par for the course in this part of the world I guess :) Spent the past couple of days lounging around at home, seems the cold soaked right into me, plenty of fluids and home-made soup for me. Hoping to squeeze in a ride tomorrow and Friday though!