Saturday, 23 October 2010

In The Saddle

With no sign of lameness and the sun in the sky, we were invited to hack along with Kate and Fin. Just for half an hour of walking. It was the first hack Quadi and I have been on, we've only been to the end of the drive on the long reins. Whilst Quadi has been sound for a few days I thought it prudent to boot his front feet.

It really was a glorious day, but the gusts of wind were bitter. The boys were very keen to get going! Not very far into our hack, the boys took offence to not only the house with the menagerie of llamas, ducks, et al, but also the farmer on the opposite side of the road shifting big round bales of hay. Fin thought it terribly foolish and dangerous to continue, and of course Quadi could not pass Fin's shoulder because he's an insecure wimp :)

Because an issue was made, naturally we had to make sure we got the boys safely past in order that this does not become and invisible line in the sand. In the end I dismounted as pratting on the road is just not safe, of course having me on the ground made everything safe again! Some days they are just cookies!

Apart from that it was really lovely hack. Fresh air and back on my horse. We had a very brief trot and he wasn't nodding, so I guess this was just an out-of-hand foot infection we're now on top of. When I remarked about how nice it was to ride my relaxed horse on an equally relaxed rein, we were treated to some fabulous jig-jogging and sideways antics on the way home. Serves me right for making comment *lol*

I practiced asking Quadi to drop his head when he started spectating and gawking, which he maintained but soon after threw his head up. Kate observed that when I get a response I drop the contact. Instead I need to just vibrate the rein and still my fingers as soon as I achieve a positive response. This was very effective and we managed to stay together for longer and longer periods until he realised I wasn't giving him room to wiggle. He did start to curl behind and under as a result but I asked him more up and into my contact with a little leg.

On the weight tape today he measured about 510kg. Perhaps a smidge over perfect but he's not been in any meaningful work for a while so we'll forgive him that, and it's less of a big deal going into winter. I'm really pleased with his general appearance and demeanour at this juncture.

Hopefully we can squeeze in another wee jaunt tomorrow!


  1. Getting out and about is a good way to cure the "sillies" and make a good horse. Tomorrow, perhaps the hay monsters and other evil forces will not be so "energizing." Glad to hear Quadi is sound.

  2. great to be out and about again with a sound pone!