Friday, 16 July 2010

Returning to our Scheduled Programme

I didn't think anyone would notice I wasn't blogging. Turns out they do, apologies!

All is well with Quadi but frankly, I just haven't felt like doing anything constructive. That includes schooling and blogging! I've spent the past couple of months doing nothing more than either hacking on the buckle of the reins because I can't be arsed doing anything properly. Or haring around farm tracks flat out being silly. Both put a smile on my face :) And here's proof (I never smile when a camera's around, can't bear to have my photo taken!):

In that photo Quadi had locked on to the photographer (I guess he thought he might have a sweetie for him!) and whilst it's not apparent from the photo, we were bearing down at quite a clip, so I was deftly trying to steer left with a hellish fit of the giggles! Anyway, I'm just so chuffed he's sound enough to do all of this, he's still unshod so far.

Quadrado also celebrated his 13th birthday this month, I decorated him a little to mark the occassion. He thinks himself lucky that I couldn't find party hats and helium balloons in the supermarket:

Tonight was the first time in weeks I've schooled him. There were some unpretty moments in trot where he was anticipating canter (which I had no intention of attempting!) and I started to feel negative about it (wondering what I was doing wrong to send him into Llama-mode) but calmed my mind and worked through them. Whilst I had been offshore Kate had been trying a little quarters-in and he's starting to get it with me despite my lack of control over my limbs and seat. We also had some shoulder-in on a circle and rein back. All of this with a calm and relaxed front end, and connected back end. Not bad going considering I almost wimped out to go for another hack!

I've had a lot of thoughts and have made a lot of progress, will have to try and get them Blogged asap.

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  1. Glad to hear all is well - love the pictures!