Sunday, 25 July 2010


Haven't worked Quadi for two days on account of him being lame coming in yesterday :(

He's sounder on soft ground and will bear weight on it, but he hirpled over the stoned yard and was less-than-amused at having to stand on his cobbled stable floor. No puffiness, heat or anything to indicate soft tissue damage thank goodness. But he did have a slightly raised pulse in that leg.

It's either an infection up the white line (we're on a constant face-off with white line disease whilst the last of the flare grows out) or an abscess. I'm leaning towards the latter. Poor love has had both fores soaked and today he wore boots in the stable whilst we were at a show with The Baby. He was much happier walking to the field in them too. I've seen a slight improvement today.

I did ride Fin out yesterday for a little hack and he was super, I shimmied my position a little whilst he walked out and felt a stretch down the front of my thigh as the stirrup bars on his saddle are set-back. It's always nice to be able to ride other horses :)

And The Baby was a superstar today, definitely the best-behaved of our bunch *lol*

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  1. Bummer about Quadi's being lame. Tucker's had a bit of white line issues in his least that's what my farrier thinks. Never did break an abscess but was "off" for weeks. Those mysterious lamenesses are the hard ones to deal with. Hope Quadi recovers soon.