Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hot and Bothered

Whilst he's looking better, Quadi's still not right. Still very sore over stones and pottery across the access field (it's quite uneven). He's much sounder in his own paddock, the footing is nice and level there. I think it's worse if he's been stood still for a while and then has to move.

I brought everyone in this afternoon. Partly because it's good for them to come off the grass for a bit and partly because it's easier for me to get through the poo-picking without the boys following and mugging me for attention every two minutes :)

Quadi had his feet soaked whilst I carried on with my chores. He was stroppy about the poultice boots. Not a big deal, we got there in the end. I gave him a few cuddles and a smooch and he was falling asleep on me, we were both rather groggy in the heat! It was, if I'm honest, a little liberating to not have to ride because I felt too hot in the humidity we're currently experiencing. Even now that I'm home, hours later, I still can't keep cool.

So no change really. Glad the lameness is no worse but hope for him it will resolve soon :(


  1. I HATE mysterious lameness. Hope Quadi feels better soon, poor boy.

    Poo picking and most chores are easier without the "assistance" of the attention seekers. My old guy used to insist I scratch his chin instead of poo picking and would practically stand on top of me to get me to give him a "chinny." And then, there's the wheelbarrow tipper...only after it's at least 3/4 full. *g*

  2. Hope he's well soon Danni!
    Glad you're back and blogging.