Monday, 19 July 2010

A Quiet Mooch

With the changing weather, I brought the three of them in today to give them some respite from the weather. Although it's not cold, the rain had soaked through Quadi's coat, I thought he'd appreciate a roof over his head and some hay in his face! Plus I can't put a cotton saddlecloth over a wet back and he needs the work!

Today's jaunt was in the company of Kate and Fin. We went out in the drizzle which kept the flies at bay, which are fast becoming a pest. Once we reached The Loop we had a canter with Kate in front. Well, that is until the left-hand bend. Kate has taught Fin to approach here properly (ie. balanced, carefully and slowly). I have not been so careful with Quadi and as they slowed to take care over slippery mud, Quadi zipped around the outside and took the lead, feeling most pleased with himself! He didn't tank off and slowed up when asked, he just very much wanted to be in front. Who'd have thunk it a year ago!

We did the same thing along the next canter path...Kate and Fin setting a sensible pace in front, Quadi and I on their 6. At the top, where the path widens and we go into the forest, Quadi shot up their right hand side and this time he did bog off. Braking signals eventually reached Quadi's brain and we pulled up. He's so naughty but it's hard to do very much as he makes me giggle in such instances :)

Actually, he did this for a third time when we left the forest path and were onto our home track. Only at a trot, but he insisted on leading and was weaving back and forth on the path, to stop Fin moving in front. When Kate asked Fin to overtake Quadi found this to be a perfect excuse for some body contact...a frustrated polo pony perhaps?!

I booted him for today's hack as his feet have taken a backward step in progress, no pun intended. He seems to be feeling stones when he wasn't before, and his front soles look more flat. Am assuming it's LGL. I thought we were out of the woods since the grass had gone to seed and therefore wasn't so sugary, and I'd managed to avoid any hoof issues whilst the grass was seeding. However, there is a patch of the field we are strip grazing which is shorter grass. I imagine with this warm and damp weather it is more lush than I'd anticipated. He was sound in boots today and in the school yesterday, so that's something. But still... :(

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