Thursday, 11 November 2010

"Quadi Says...

...trot work on top of lateral work is horse abuse!"

That was the email I got from Kate yesterday *lol* Here is a little more:

"He was a good boy, we did some lateral work in walk, including some half pass! He surprised both of us by doing a step by mistake, so I made him do it on both reins ;-)

Then asked him to trot, which he did nicely until we went past the stables, then he had a stroppy nap! Once he realised I wasn’t giving in though, he worked nicely again! I was then super cruel and made him walk around the field at the end too."

Can you imagine how miffed Quadi must have been, having accidentally taken a step of half pass? He's been well and truly rumbled now! I'm sure he felt very put-upon. I mean, trot work, lateral work and a cool down walk around the field, abject cruelty(!) He'll never truly ditch his Can't, Shan't, Won't routine but it's on the wane with every work session.

Now, I really must finish my packing. I'll leave a little space so that I have room to pack some sun to bring home(!)


  1. LOL at Q, the boy has sense. Bon voyage, drop a little sunshine off for us too please.

  2. Silly boy. Someday he will appreciate and easy workout like that. He has a lot to learn about earning his carrots. *G*