Thursday, 4 November 2010


A technical hitch has left me stuck at home until next week instead. Typical, was rather looking forward to my trip, the long flight aside. Looking on course for early next week, better late than never. Hopefully I'll be flying after the Brazilian GP, don't fancy my chances of a hotel in Rio before or during!

On the plus side, this means I will be home for Quadi's massage with Liz on Saturday. Or at least part of it, as I'll be heading straight to the boys from the vet practice anyway. We have another broken body, he'll be having his post-op checkup on Saturday.

My battlecat, Oscar, has had two tooth extractions and also had to have a puncture wound in his hip stitched. He's doing very well indeed, except when it comes to administering antibiotics at mealtimes. Understandably he's a little fed up with the unwanted attention! I don't think he realises he has had two teeth out, as soon as he came home he was weaving round legs, giving everyone 'furry beets' and demanding his dinner. He looks a little more miffed that he has a bald patch on his side though *lol*


  1. Cats who don't want to take the antibiotics are among the worst patients....trying your patience considerably. Hope Oscar feels better than sooner than later.

  2. Yes, there have been several verbal protests but thankfully only a few more days to go!