Thursday, 9 December 2010


I haven't been blogging anything partly because nothing is happening and partly because I haven't felt like it. Thinking about it, it could be considered a funny thing to want to put all this horsey stuff on the internet. I'm not feeling the purpose of it at the moment.

Quadi is very well. He's been doing next-to-no work what with the metre of snow in the field but the same snow is making him work quite hard to move around. To that end, he is building his own topline and looking a little snug in his rug. His rug is a generous fit (and it's a Premier Equine so made to fit broad horses) and despite being in more work last year, his shoulders and neck are filling it more this year. And he's not fat!

I've sat on him a couple of times but nothing to write home about, just a little time around the paddock.


  1. The snow seems to be putting a crimp in everyone's style over there. Here in NJ, USA, we are just having cold, frozen ground.

    Glad to hear, though that Quadi is fine and exercising himself. He'll be fitter than you will!

  2. i think it's as much about keeping a diary of where you are and what's happening that you can look back on, with the benefit of occasional (helpful, i hope!) feedback from interested friends and acquaintances..

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