Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Medieval Back Torture

Or deep tissue massage!

I had my first ever back massage today. Can't say it was an entirely pleasant experience. Very beneficial though. The gym has a little spa attached and I thought "why not?" :)

I think it's in Heather Moffett's book she recalls the story of a dressage horse who almost sat down after she ran her hand along his back, he was so sore. Well, I empathise completely with that horse! There were a couple of times during my half hour session, I emitted a little squawk of pain, and more than half a dozen times my back twisted away from the therapist's hands! It really does hurt to touch, can't believe I hadn't realised this before now.

I have little sensation in my lower back which is worrying. The middle of my back is ok. But the top, oh my days! Knots in great numbers, and very sore too. I could feel them clicking under the therapist's thumbs :s

There seems to be a knot under where each bra strap goes, which is depressing. Not much I can do about having to wear a bra! And lots between my shoulder blades, on my shoulders, and up my neck. The cause might be as much an emotional one as a physical one. Not quite sure how I am to chill out, I don't think I've ever been relaxed in my life! Certainly could only manage a moment or two at a time today during the massage before my muscles braced and I held my breath.

It has made me realise how much of a saint my little horse was to 'wear' me despite my tension, I really have no business being on or near a horse! I am glad I was so fastidious about his back and his health if not mine. It also explains why he sometimes used to try and kill his physiotherapist early on in his treatment, I know how the poor love must have felt!

So, I really ought to have regular massages. Not that I can afford this at the moment, but I will endeavor to have another before I go offshore. Hopefully once I am working more I can have a couple a month, I am even toying with the idea of alternating weekly between physio and massage.

I also met up with a personal trainer at the gym to go over what I need to achieve. He said he should have a programme ready for me tomorrow, and I can have a look at it when I have my health assessment. I did have my BMI recorded today. Apparently for someone my age, it should be between 21 and 33. Mine is a portly, put-down-the-mince-pie-fattie 36.something...

But wait, there's more! I have a personal training session of Friday. Just the one, I can't afford any more, but I should be able to get a handle on what I'll be doing.

Unfortunately, my new routine will probably involve swimming and jogging. Euch! I harbour a deep repulsion for both activities. Hope there's no danger of the Japanese harpooning me in the pool, it'd be an easy mistake to make!

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  1. heat for the neck/upper back will help - and ensure you don't go roundwith your shoulders in the air, that's a mistake of mine and does NOTHING for the muscles